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Hello. This is Yesuhak College Consulting Team.

Here are the answers to your questions!

 1. My bachelor study was visual design and I am wondering if its possible to transfer as interior design major.

 - Yes It would be possible to transfer as an interior design major as long as your academic qualification is sufficient for the institution to grant you an admission.

  2. Will my graduate school grades be any aid in transferring? I am a bit worried since I don?t have very good grades from my undergraduate studies.

 - Yes it would definitely be helpful. Still your undergraduate studies will also be considered.

  3. Through my research on internet, I was told that I have to send my high school transcripts to. Is that the case for all universities?

 - Yes. Your high school transcript is required for all universities as they need a proof of your secondary education.

  4. About 5 years ago, I was planning on study abroad but I was declined a VISA and was not able to go. After that, I was able to get visitor VISA last year for vacation for a month. Do you think that it would be difficult for me to get a VISA since I was declined once before?

 - It would greatly depend on the reasons for why you were declined a VISA previously. And since you were declined a VISA before, it would definitely be a disadvantage for the next time you get a VISA.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us through phone (+82-2-2646-0880) or through email.


Yesuhak College Consulting Team

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