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제 목 Hello. This is Yesuhak?s College Consulting Team
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Hello. This is College Consulting Team from Yesuhak.

BYU actually has a transfer guideline that shows transferable courses from some institutions that you may be able to compare with your school.

To summarize the requirements, they have

 - American Heritage Requirement

 - Global and Cultural Awareness Requirement

 - First Year Writing Requirement

 - Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

 - Languages of Learning Requirement

 - Civilization I & 2 Requirement

 - Arts Requirement

 - Letters Requirement

 - Biological Science & Physical Science Requirement

 - Social Science Requirement.

Mostly one or two courses are required out of these required subjects.

However, it is not a must to complete all the courses before transferring to BYU as many of these courses can be taken after transferring. 

Make sure you do not go over 90 semester credit hours before transferring as it will be almost impossible to transfer if you have more than 90.

Thank you and good luck!

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