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제 목 Hello. This is Yesuhak?s College Consulting Team
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Hello. This is Yeuhak?s College Consulting Team


Here are the answers to your question!


You have asked that what courses are required in order to transfer.


We are not informed enough about your situation to answer your question in-depth.


In general, most schools require English Composition I/II, Calculus I, Lab Science (1), Social Science (1). However, some schools and majors have different requirements. Furthermore, depending on what grade you are transferring as, there are different course requirements. There are also schools that do not have any pre-requisite courses.


If you can provide us with more information regarding your current situation, we will be better assist you. Please call 02-2646-0880 or schedule an appointment with us.


Thank you!


College Consulting Team. 

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