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제 목 Question about Design and Visual arts
작성자 DaVinci 등록일 2014-03-09 조회수 4668


I am a 28 year old who is looking to study abroad.

I am a bit aged but I believe study of design is a lifetime study and so I am considering study abroad. I feel if I delay even more, I would not have another opportunity to do so. I tried to search for information on internet but there is not a lot of information regarding transfers.

First, I have graduated from 4-year visual design school that?s located in Chungnam, then I changed my degree program to interior design and attended graduate school for a year. I am still attending the graduate school but I feel like that my past university will affect my employment in the future. The school that I graduated from was not one of the best universities and I still have not finished my interior design program. Also, I solely concentrated on subjects of my major and therefore, I wasn?t able to get good grades on other electives, which ended up lowering my GPA. My graduate school GPA isn?t bad since I only took courses from my major. I also was employed by an interior design company for two years.

Here are some of the questions that I would like to get answers to.

  1. My bachelor study was visual design and I am wondering if it?s possible to transfer as interior design major.

  2. Will my graduate school grades be any aid in transferring? I am a bit worried since I don?t have very good grades from my undergraduate studies.

  3. Through my research on internet, I was told that I have to send my high school transcripts to. Is that the case for all universities?

  4. About 5 years ago, I was planning on study abroad but I was declined a VISA and was not able to go. After that, I was able to get visitor VISA last year for vacation for a month. Do you think that it would be difficult for me to get a VISA since I was declined once before?

After listing out the questions I have, I realized that there are a lot of difficulties that I am facing in order to take my studies overseas. TOEFL and portfolios are something that I can put time and effort into in order to improve but my past grades are what worry me. I know that grades greatly affect whether I will be granted an admission or not and I?m worried whether I will be able to transfer.

I would appreciate a swift response!


Thank you!

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